Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles

What is a garage? Is it just a neglected room for housing your vehicle? A room you throw all of your holiday decorations in as the season’s pass? Maybe the question isn’t, “What is it?” but “What could it be?” Proudly made in the USA, Floor Junkies’ interlocking garage floor tiles come in a variety of styles with a vast selection of color options to accommodate your design aesthetic. However, the appeal of the garage tiles is just a bonus to their many conveniences and benefits.

Black and Gray checkered pattern installation give a classy feel to your garage.

Floor Junkie Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles are Made in the USA

To ensure the quality of each garage floor tile, Floor Junkies’ products are made in the USA. Since 2010, the garage tiles have been manufactured in Houston, Texas and all previous garage tiles created outside of the United States have been discontinued. These American-made products are designed with an enhanced interlocking system and exceed previous quality standards. All high-impact polypropylene garage floor tiles have increased to 1/2 –inch thickness, improving stability and ventilation of air and water flow.

Interlocking Garage Tiles Available Multiple Colors

The interlocking garage floor tiles offer a vast selection of color options to accommodate your design aesthetic. With limitless pattern possibilities, you have been given the complete control to customize your garage floor to the way you have always envisioned.

Surface Design Selection

Whether you’re using the garage floor tiles for aesthetic purposes, practical purposes, or both, Floor Junkies’ garage tiles fall under both categories. Between the Polypropylene tile with the hard surface, or the Flex PVC tile with the flexible exterior, the choice is all a matter of preference. With 6 different designs, you are sure to find what you’ve been looking for.

Rigid vs. Flexible Garage Floor Tile Options

Floor Junkies offers both High-Impact Polypropylene garage floor tiles and Flexible PVC garage floor tiles. The Polypropylene tiles are 12 x 12 x 1/2-inch with a rigid, sturdy build, as opposed to the larger Flex PVC tiles, which measure 18 x 18 x 1/4-inch per tile and offer a flexible, rubber-like feel.  Both are best suited for garage use.  Your decision is based on your expected usage and preferences.  Please note that the Flexible PVC tiles require more maintenance in wet environments than High-Impact Polypropylene tiles, but they are almost maintenance free when used in dry climates.

Easy to Assemble Interlocking System

Each garage floor tile snaps together like a puzzle using a loop-to-peg interlocking system. The Polypropylene garage tiles don’t even need to be installed using any tools other than your own two hands. The PVC tiles can be installed without the use of tools as well, but because they are flexible, we recommend using a small plastic mallet to facilitate installation. Learn more in the Garage Floor Installation Guide.

DIY Garage Floor Installation

Unlike the commonly used epoxy paint, these interlocking garage tiles do not require professional assistance for preparation nor installation. Yes, there are “Do It Yourself” epoxy paint installation home kits available, but the quality is questionable, and it could take over a week to finish installing if done correctly. Alternatively, Floor Junkies’ interlocking garage floor tiles snap together like a puzzle, making the installation process a breeze. It takes only a matter of hours or less to install these garage tiles considering how large the installed area needs to be. Convenient, stress-free, and uncomplicated, Floor Junkies’ DIY installation system proves time and time again to be superior to epoxy paint.