Diamond Garage Floor Tiles – 12″x12″



  • 12 x 12 x 1/2 -inch
  • Diamond Top Surface
  • Hard Rigid Structure
  • Four Loop-to-Peg Interlocking Tiles
  • Made in the USA


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Designed for Garages

Built with high-impact polypropylene, the Diamond Top tile is one of the most sought after flooring solutions for residential garages. The weight of pools tables, large motor vehicles, tool chests, and other items you may find in a garage are exactly what this tile was designed to support. With an attractive diamond patterned surface, this tile is sure to accommodate the aesthetic of your garage. The following is a list of all of the features about the Diamond Top Garage Floor Tiles.

  • 12 x 12 x 1/2 -inch
  • Rigid structure
  • Four Loop-to-Peg Interlocking System
  • Variety of colors
  • High-impact polypropylene
  • Grid structure for air and water flow
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Slip-resistant
  • Stain resistant and easy to clean
  • Mold resistant
  • Portable
  • Designed for Residential Garages
  • Used in combination with the Ramp Edges and Corner Pieces
  • Variety of other uses
  • 10-year warranty
  • Made in the USA

Diamond Solid Top

With an appealing industrial surface, the Diamond Top Tile comes in a variety of colors to accommodate your taste. Floor Junkies offers a vast selection of color choices for you to acquire your ideal floor design. Given this benefit, you can achieve a wide range of patterns and designs that help you create the garage floor you’ve always wanted.

Easy to Assemble

Each tile measures 12 x 12 x 1/2-inch, or 1 sq. ft., making installation a breeze, much like assembling a large puzzle. The Diamond Top Garage Tiles snap together with a four loop-to-peg interlocking system; two sides of each tile have loops and the remaining two sides have pegs. Conveniently, these tiles assemble with a single downward push, making the use of tools unnecessary. For larger areas, you may consider using a small plastic mallet and knee pads to further ease your installation process. Please download the Garage Floor Tile Installation Guide for a more detailed explanation.

TIP: Please note that epoxy painted concrete has very little surface friction, so the garage floor tile will have little grasp on an epoxy covered subfloor and has the potential to shift. An easy solution to this issue is to use the Rubber Underlayment for added friction.

Rigid Structure

The Diamond Top tile is intentionally designed to be inflexible to create a firm surface for your garage floor. Engineered with high-impact polymer plastic and not made to bend, intentionally trying to do so risks the potential of damaging the tile. If the subfloor happens to have an unevenness to it with cracks or other imperfections, the rigid structure of this tile gives the illusion of a straight, level base floor.

Grid Structure

Underneath each tile lies a 1/2-inch tall grid structure that separates the base floor from the roof of the tile, which creates space to allow air and water flow. As a result of the tiles’ solid top and grid structure space, there may be hollow sounds produced when walking on the tiles. However, for dray garage installations, the Rubber Underlayment may be used to reduce or mute these sounds.

TIP: Although the Diamond Top garage tile can be used in a wet environment, the Perforated Garage Tile is better suited for garages with drains or garages that are not correctly slopped and restrict water drainage.

Lightweight and Durable

For the fact that each tile is light in weight, the assembly of your garage floor is an almost effortless experience. Despite being lightweight and easy to install, the tiles can withstand a substantial amount of weight. From something as small as a piece of furniture to large vehicles such as SUVs, trucks, planes, etc., this tile is made to be a reliable, strong base when properly installed.

TIP: Plywood or another protective flat rigid surface should be used when using jacks or other sharp, heavy objects. Please note, pinpoint weights may cause discoloration and potentially damage the tile. Please consider tiling around a permanent vehicle lift or other permanent heavy objects.

Slip Resistant

Raised diamond patterns on the surface of this tile contribute to the tile’s traction control feature. In addition to these appropriately elevated designs, the Diamond Top Tile’s textured surface further reduces the chances of slipping and sliding when walking on the tile.

TIP: Make sure to take proper precautions when cleaning.  Mild degreasers may make the tiles slippery.

Stain Resistant

Engineered with high-impact polymer, this product is very difficult to stain.  The tiles do not absorb mud, grease, or oil, so debris remains on top of the surface until swept or wiped away. The small gaps between each tile make it possible for liquid spills to leak onto the subfloor. If oil base liquids seep between the tiles, you will only need to disassemble the tiles to clean the subfloor. For harder-to-remove stains, using a degreaser is ideal. It is highly suggested for you to place a protective mat underneath an area that is likely to drop acidic liquids (i.e. battery acids), hot oils, paint thinners, or other similar chemicals. Prolonged exposures to these types of chemicals are likely to damage the garage tiles.

Mold Resistant

Another benefit to the polypropylene plastic used to manufacture the Diamond Top Tile is that it’s a mold-resisting material. Additionally, the grid structure underneath each tile allows room for air ventilation and lets water escape, thus further preventing mold growth. If used in an area with excessive water retention, you will need to disassemble the affected regions to clear your subfloor of the excess water.

TIP: For garage floors that are not correctly sloped and retain water, we recommend the use of our Perforated Garage Floor Tiles. Clean the tiles regularly for the best appearance. Routine cleaning will enhance the life of the flooring.


Purposefully constructed to be portable, these tiles can travel with you wherever your destination may be. Given the ease of the assembly of these tiles, the disassembly requires little effort as well. The tiles remain locked together until pulled apart intentionally. It is recommended for you to begin your disassembly on the side from which you started your installation until the entire floor has been gathered. Lightweight, small in size, and easily disassembled, the Diamond Top Tile was made portable for your convenience.

Variety of Other Uses

Yes, the Diamond Top tile was designed for garage use, but it is not limited to only serving its purpose in just this one room. Over several years, it has been noticed that many customers use the Diamond Top tiles in trade shows, basements, and residential workshops as well. Although the polymer plastic is UV protected, the Diamond Top was not manufactured for outdoor use. The Perforated Tile is recommended for outdoor usage.

NOTE: These tiles will not interlock with any tiles purchased before 2010. If you purchased tiles before 2010, they would not be compatible with tiles produced after 2010 due to differences in height and the locking system.

Additional information


Black, Gray, Beige, Brown, White, Blue, Red, Orange


12 x 12 x 1/2 – inch


1 sq. ft. per tile


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